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We provide information, advice, and representation in specific areas of law.  Click the icon for the area of law you are interested in for some general information, tip sheets, and links to other sources of information.

Call us for help and advice on your specific situation.   See our Legal Health Checklist to see if you have an issue we can help with.

For areas where we cannot assist we will provide referrals to the appropriate agency. Visit our Links page for links to other sources of help in areas where we cannot provide assistance.  We have many referral links on a wide variety of topics, such as Family Law, Immigration, Income Tax, Seniors Issues, and Wills and Estates.

View our Tip Sheet List for a complete list of all tip sheets available on this site, including our "LEARN Law" series of information sheets, published in local newspapers.

If you require legal advice in French, please visit the Legal Aid website for details on their clinic law advice lines for francophones.  If you live in Eastern Ontario, call 1-877-500-4508.  We also have an agreement with the legal clinic in Cornwall, Clinique juridique Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic, to refer our clients to their French language lawyer who can offer legal services in French to people who live within our catchment area.

Les clients francophones ont maintenant accès gratuitement à un service téléphonique d’avis juridique et d’orientation touchant un bon nombre de questions juridiques traitées par les cliniques juridiques communautaires.


Watch this video called Accessing Justice: Finding credible resources online - Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox & Addington Counties to learn more about how to find legal information online and on our website. 


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The video below is a webinar by CLEO, specifically for librarians on how they can find legal information.



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