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This page offers answers to questions most frequently asked by our clients.  You can also visit the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ACTO) site for a list of tip sheets for tenants or the Landlord and Tenant Board, which has an FAQ section and many brochures.

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Q:  What happens at a hearing?

A:  A Member of the Landlord and Tenant Board listens to both sides and makes a decision about the application.


Q:  Do I need a lawyer or an agent?

A:  Tenant Duty Counsel is on site at Landlord and Tenant Board hearings, to give you information and advice on the day of your hearing. If you are a low income person, your local legal clinic may be able to help you. It is not necessary to get a lawyer for a Board hearing but if you think your case is difficult or you would be more comfortable with a lawyer or agent, then you can hire one.


Q:  Does the Board supply an interpreter at hearings?

A:  If you have any special needs (i.e. ASL or French language interpretation) you should let the Landlord and Tenant Board know in advance so that they can make arrangements.


Q:  Can I ask someone else to go to the hearing in my place?

A:  Yes, but you must give them written authorization, signed by you, to say you are allowing them to speak in your place.


Q:  Can I have the hearing date changed to another day?

A:  Yes, if all parties agree and the Board is notified in writing.


Q:  What happens if I am late for my hearing?

A:  If you filed the application the Member could dismiss your application. If the application was filed against you the Member may decide to proceed without you.


Q:  How do I find out about the decision on my application?

A:  The Board will mail you a copy of the order.


Q:  If I do not agree with the decision that is made, is there anything that I can do?

A:  Depending on the circumstances you may able to:

• file a motion to set aside

• request an amendment due to clerical error

• request a review because of a serious error

• appeal the decision to the courts because of a legal error


Q: How do I collect money the Board has ordered is due to me?

A: You can file the order with Small Claims Court to have it enforced. See this tip sheet from ACTO.



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