Services for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Clients

How to Access Our Services

At our clinic we strive to meet the needs of all our clients. Deaf clients may reach us in a variety of ways:

  • Call us on TTY 613-966-8714 or toll free TTY 1-877-966-8714
  • Bell Relay Service - Call (via TTY) 711 or 1-800-267-6511
  • Email our Intake Workers* (see note below)

Our intake staff can book appointments with Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) interpreters to meet with you and our lawyers for legal advice.  Please note an appointment with an interpreter may take up to 2 weeks.

*NOTE:  There is always a possibility that your email may not reach us.  If you receive notification that your email has been rejected, or you have not had a response from us within 48 hours, please use Bell relay or TTY to contact us.

We have UbiDuo™ equipment, provided by the Canadian Hearing Society (read more about the device here).   This is a communication device that enables Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing impaired people to communicate with each other face to face, anywhere, anytime without any barriers.  The equipment is a two-part electronic device used to communicate with the Deaf. It is a means of communicating if an interpreter is not present. If you come to our Belleville office, let us know if you wish to use this equipment to communicate.

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